Russo Fleet

Russo Lawn & Landscape, Inc.
Kevin Salters had this to say about his part in the project. "I have been driving the 2012 CNG Honda Civic since July. We have been extremely satisfied with the performance and reliability of this car. You would never know that it is powered by clean burning natural gas. Russo Lawn and Landscape has always been extremely active in the “green movement” and this car fit perfectly into our fleet of green cars and Propane powered mowers.
The first question I am asked is “does it sound any different ?” and the answer is no. There is no way anybody would know the difference between a natural gas car and a petroleum based car until you pull up to the pump. The filling is easier than conventional gasoline and the best part is the price per gallon! Natural gas pricing is extremely consistent, in fact the price has gone down 10 cents this spring. With the great mileage that the Civic offers out of the box, it makes filling up almost fun. My average fill up is normally under $16.00 and that will get me just under 300 miles!
I look forward to more availability of CNG cars offered to the consumers and would purchase one as a family car without a second thought!"