Metro Taxi Fleet



Merto Taxi
The City of West Haven is celebrating the opening of the cities’ first Compressed Natural Gas fleet fueling station at the headquarters of Metro Taxi. The Clean Energy station will provide fleet and public fueling of CNG and is the first station in Connecticut built by Clean Energy. This opening marks a significant advance forward for Alternative Fuels in the state of Connecticut and the entire Northeast Region.

Metro Taxi operates the largest taxi fleet in the state and, as part of this new station opening, will also be launching the first in-state fleet of purpose-built, wheelchair friendly, ADA compliant, low emission taxis known as the “MV-1”, ready to serve the Disability Community. In addition to the MV-1, Metro Taxi will launch into service CNG-fueled Ford Transit Connects and Honda Civics. By year’s end, Metro Taxi has deployed all 110 new CNG taxis as part of the project.

The fleet of 110 taxis will replace over 500,000 gallons of gasoline annually with clean burning CNG. The total project costs of $5.9M represents a significant investment from project partners Clean Energy and Metro Taxi of $4.1M or 69% of the total and the remaining $1.8M from the USDOE.