Enviro Express

Enviro Express now uses LNG for their Tractors

Enviro Express officially opened their combined Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station at 555 Wordin Avenue in Bridgeport. The station is the first LNG transportation fueling center to open east of the Mississippi River, marking a significant step forward in the availability of alternative fuels in the Northeast Region.
“We are really excited about this partnership and the opportunity to launch this exceptional station and deploy the first of our new Class 8 LNG Tractors, “ said Bill Malone of Enviro Express Natural Gas, LLC. “This station is a paradigm shift in commercial transportation fueling technologies and capabilities. We are hopeful this initiative will be the first of many fleet replacements or conversions by our nation’s fleet owners,” Malone added.
Located adjacent to I-95 in Connecticut’s largest city, the L/CNG station stores up to 14,760 gallons of LNG. The fueling station is a showcase project for others to follow and provides a variety of commercial, government and private fueling opportunities. The initial fleet of 18 LNG Class 8 tractors will displace over 500,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually and more than 675,000 pounds of harmful particulate emissions.
“It (the station) really is something unprecedented,” said Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition Coordinator and CTCCFF Principal Investigator Lee Grannis. “With the help of the USDOE, we have built an entirely new fueling infrastructure, serving Connecticut, New York and New Jersey as well as travelers throughout the I-95 corridor. Nothing would make me happier than to see this plan replicated over and over again so we can wean America off foreign oil and capitalize on the nearly boundless supply of natural gas available here in the U.S.,” Grannis added.
Part of the $29 million Connecticut Future Fuels Project, the $6.2 million station project will dispense Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to commercial vehicles. Most visible of the station’s immediate new customers are a fleet of 18 new, LNG-powered, Kenworth™ Class 8 tractors. The “green machines” service Enviro Express Inc., a company co-located with EENG, which operates numerous transfer stations and provides collections services for ash, trash and solid waste for municipalities and large commercial accounts in both Fairfield and New Haven counties.
The EENG station also offers Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) service for municipalities, most notably Bridgeport’s 4 Heavy Dump Trucks which are being converted from diesel to CNG as part of the CTCCFF Project, and vehicles from the general public. “The Enviro L/CNG station will contribute significantly to the reduction of diesel emissions and the associated growth rate of childhood respiratory disease in Connecticut,” said Southwestern Connecticut Clean Cities Coalition Coordinator Ed Boman. “This opening represents the beginning of many opportunities for fleets and citizens to convert to natural gas vehicles,” Boman added. Multiple fleets and vehicles are expected to use the station as its existence is known and technologies come online.